During a recent visit to Civita di Bangoregio, I took a series of (amateur) smartphone photos of this ancient, eroded town and its environs. Enchanted by the local shapes and colors, I wrote software to algorithmically decompose these photos into lines and planes. This is the first result.


Here’s the completed work that has resulted from the previous studies. It’s called “Flux I”, and it will be the first in a series of images that are loosely inspired by the flow and behavior of fluids. The idea for this particular image came to me while watching waves crash over rocks along the Marginal Way, and I created it for my friends Emily Barnes and Mike Opest in New York City.

Friday Night among the Automata

Here’s a little video clip from an installation I did last night at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art:

And here are a couple of photos:

The title was “Friday Night among the Automata”. And the description: “Custom-built software reads and transforms real-time depth and color data from a hacked Microsoft video game accessory and pipes it into an extension of mathematician John Conway’s famous Game of Life.”

Thanks to CMCA Executive Director Suzette McAvoy for the video clip and to CMCA Associate Curator Bethany Engstrom for the photos!